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Hood Styles


The SEAM style is a panelized system where panels interlock with eachother keeping it water tight. There is a perimeter guttering system that catches and funnels water towards an exit. The exit can be a downspout that can be located wherever it is desired or a shoot that dumps the water to a specific location.

Panels can be made to any custom width or even made to form a radius. 


The DECK hood style, like the INDUSTRA fascia style, is a durable & tough looking hood style. 

This hood style also has a perimeter guttering system to funnel water whereever is desirable.


The FLOW hood style is has a sloped hood, slope can be from front to back, back to front, or even side to side, that funnels water to a gutter and out a desired exit. This hood style is a smooth surface hood with limited to no seams.


PANEL-A is an interior panel that pours water on the inside of the canopies frame. 


PANEL-B is similar to PANEL-A except that water will cascade over the top of the canopy, closing off the whole bottom side of the canopy.

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